Our mission is to consistently deliver a premier outpatient experience in an atmosphere that promotes quality outcomes, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. We strive to be the preferred provider of Orthopaedic and Pain Management services in our region.

Our Mission

Years ago, having minor surgery automatically meant a night in the hospital. Not anymore. Now, with the help of modern technology and the latest techniques, you can have surgery with minimal discomfort and return home the very same day.

At OASIS, our highly trained physicians and professional staff give each patient personal attention. We call this patient-focused care. That means taking the extra time to ensure comfort...before, during and after surgery.

  • Kelsey S. O'Connor, D.O.
  • ​George P. Papacostas, M.D.
  • Anthony S. Pentz, M.D.
  • Ira E. Richterman, M.D.
  • ​Matthew J. Stonestreet, M.D.
  • Vincent T. Wake, M.D.
  • Raymond Zinicola

About OASIS Surgical Center

  • Melissa M. Bickett, M.D.
  • Brian J. Blake, M.D.
  • Mark L. Cecil, M.D.
  • Daniel A. Charlick, M.D.
  • Ryan P. Ficco, M.D.
  • Ryan M. Gasser, M.D.
  • Joseph R. Hellmann, M.D.
  • ​Gerald F. Klimo, M.D.


The following physicians have a financial interest in OASIS. All patients have the right, if they so wish, to have their surgery performed at a facility other than OASIS.